Underpressure: The Beginning

The technique was meticulously developed in 2021, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this challenging period, the talented artist Mello was immersed in creating a collection for his renowned furniture brand, MainGUILTY. The genesis of this unique technique began with an initial sketch, unassumingly drawn on a loose piece of paper, resulting in an abstract form seemingly devoid of meaning.
On a profound sleepless night, while insomnia plagued him, Mello conceived the entire intricate production process for this singular piece, even though no one had dared to breathe life into his sketch up to that point.
With his production acumen and a considerable dose of audacity, he embarked on the challenge to materialize this technique with remarkable success. Initially, he presented the technique in a piece from his brand in London and later in Dubai. The year 2023 brings us an individual collection by the artist Mello, composed of various abstract forms meticulously forged from three different types of metal, all following the same impressive technique.
Blending machinery precision with manual craftsmanship, the artist ensures that each exhibited artwork is unique and inimitable.

"No piece is identical to another"

the artist declares with determination, emphasizing the intrinsic singularity of each creation.

Underpressure: The Concept

The "Underpressure" concept arises when we observe a contemporary society under constant pressure. This pressure encompasses various aspects of life, including social, economic, and cultural pressures that shape and challenge each individual's experience.

Social pressure refers to the expectations and norms imposed by society on individuals, often leading to a sense of conformity or inadequacy. This pressure can manifest in various ways, such as expectations of success, beauty standards, or social behavioral norms. As people seek to fit in or stand out, they often experience an internal conflict between who they are and who society expects them to be.

Economic pressure is a central aspect of modern life, with financial challenges, workplace pressures, and economic uncertainties being part of daily life. The pursuit of financial stability can become a constant struggle, often leading to anxiety and stress.

Cultural pressure is evident in the cultural changes and challenges faced by society, from globalization to issues of diversity and inclusion. Rapid changes and the pressure to adapt to new cultural norms can be overwhelming for many.

"Underpressure" captures the idea of a society under constant pressure, where individuals are challenged to survive and thrive in an environment that can sometimes seem relentless. This artistic concept provides an opportunity to reflect on and question the pressures that shape our daily lives and invites us to examine how we can confront them, maintain our authenticity, and overcome the challenges imposed by modern society.

In general, looking at "Underpressure" is like looking in the mirror of society, and indirectly, at ourselves.

Art With Different Finishes

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