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Art With Different Finishes

Explore the Artist's Vision: Silver, Gold, and Corten Finishes for Interior Projects

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Story & Concept

The groundbreaking technique "Underpressure," conceived by the talented artist Carlos Mello during the 2021 pandemic, stands as a true artistic milestone. Created for his MainGUILTY brand, it began as a simple sketch and evolved into something extraordinary. With boldness and deep production knowledge, Mello introduced it in iconic cities like London and Dubai. In 2023, he presents an individual collection of meticulously crafted pieces through this unique technique. At the core of the "Underpressure" concept is a profound contemplation of social, economic, and cultural pressures. Mello skillfully captures these pressures in his works, emphasizing the intrinsic uniqueness of each creation. It is an invitation to reflect on how to confront these pressures while preserving authenticity in the face of contemporary challenges. In one word, it is a masterpiece.

The Artist

Carlos Mello is a Portuguese artist with an influence that extends worldwide. His creative vision and innovative approach to materials have roots in his family environment, where he began exploring the art of sculpture at the tender age of 2 under the guidance of his father.

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