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Carlos Mello

UPC GOLD | 003

UPC GOLD | 003

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Always Limited Edition 1/1

The Artist guarantees that it is impossible to replicate his pieces, meaning that cannot be two identical pieces, which leads him to present all the pieces in the collection as unique pieces of art.

BIG W 120 Cm, 47.2 In X D 20 Cm, 7.9 In X H 120 Cm, 47.2 In

SMALL W 60 Cm, 23.6 In X D 20 Cm, 7.9 In X H 60 Cm, 23.6 In

Materials Polished Stainless Steel Gold 0,6mm
Clean & Care | Dry Cloth

Easy to Fix

Certificate Authenticity
Fabric Packaging Bag

Lead Time Maximum 4 weeks
Shipping Worldwide

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